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Custom furniture into a wave
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With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for furniture is also more and more diverse, the traditional stereotyped furniture design has been unable to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. Thus, highlighting personality, reflecting the characteristics of Furniture Customization has become a trend. In the eyes of many consumers, customized furniture can highlight the user's personality, you can effectively use the space, you can better create a home environment for themselves and their families. While under the influence of these advantages, the relatively high prices and other factors become acceptable to consumers, Home Furnishing consumer upgrades, is continuing to contribute to the high tide of custom furniture.
Custom furniture
"My design is our own use, no matter from space, or from the decoration style is concerned, we hope all the furniture is out of the ordinary, for our own house, so you can't buy some ready-made products to the market, these products or with our space design does not match, or will break the overall design of the house." Consumer miss is a 90, she hopes that she has just completed the hard loading of the house, with a distinctive, clever use of housing space furniture.
Then she naturally stays on the custom furniture. In her view, customized furniture has multiple benefits: clever use of space, reflecting the different decoration styles, such as the needs of the elderly and other special needs such as children. In fact, many consumers are precisely the reasons for the choice of custom furniture.
In recent years, the development trend of custom furniture ferocious". At present, many furniture brands in the market have launched customized services. The listed companies buy Sophia 002572, for example, the day before, the layout of production Sophia wardrobe and supporting custom furniture flexible production line has been basically completed, the company in Hebei Langfang, Zhejiang Jiashan, Sichuan Chengdu, Hubei Huanggang and Zengcheng based factories have normal production, the company's national sales network production support. The company to the next line stores as the basis, continue to promote electronic stores upgrade project, through virtual reality equipment using OculusRift and HTCvive to help show Sophia furniture products, through the VR (virtual reality) 3D stereoscopic display technology products, the model of the housing, enhance the consumer shopping experience, in order to lower the cost of upgrading stores traffic and turnover rate, help stores high price.
Data show that the current custom home has accounted for 20% of China's overall home market share of about 30%. And this market share is also rising. There is a professional forecast data show that customized home in the future will maintain more than 18% annual growth rate, by 2020, the size of the custom home market will reach $160 billion 600 million, customized furniture huge room for future growth. The industry pointed out that the custom furniture is the direction of development, more and more customized brand design is regarded as the core advantage of Aiji, net, information, custom furniture furniture industry will reach the expected future sales of 70%.
Reported that the development of customized Home Furnishing fission mainly depends on the four driving forces: first, continue to make low-cost strategy, custom furniture gradually into the homes of ordinary people; secondly, deep channel strategy, through the depth distribution to join, terminal; third, differences in the concept of marketing, different enterprises operating on a a marketing campaign material, grade, style, design; fourth, space utilization is in demand for housing area per capita growth demand not the actual housing area increased, while the custom furniture is the most effective use of housing space.
Custom also need to be cautious
Although the custom furniture has become an important sector of the furniture market, even furniture brand "no custom furniture, not" will be fully positioned itself in custom furniture market, consumers really enjoy custom furniture through different furniture experience, but from the current market situation, custom furniture is still our consumers in the play the dragons and fishes jumbled together, custom furniture at the same time, should also pay attention to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
Recently, the Tangshan City Consumers Association issued consumer tips to remind consumers in the private custom furniture, we must think twice before doing so, to avoid loss. To communicate with the designer in the design scheme, specific to every detail, but in the form of text clear, not a simple summary to sign up; to clear the use of materials safety and environmental protection, require businesses to issue the relevant material quality inspection report; pay to understand pricing of gold before the confirmation the amount of material of the algorithm, including the use of materials, furniture, hardware area of the internal structure of the use of quantity and price, with the list attached to the contract; the quality of the finished products, furniture color, size, specifications and customer service maintenance to the contract expressly; delivery date should be clearly stated in the contract, pay attention to the liability for breach of contract and agreement the resulting penalty claim calculation; to do better than three, choose a good reputation, brand manufacturers, not freeloaders choose irregular small factory Home, small workshops, so as not to order to inferior products.
It is reported that the custom furniture industry has no relevant standards, in terms of timber, environmental protection, price and other manufacturers or consumers of the agreement based. This situation also led to consumers in a relatively weak position in the dispute, consumers must be careful in the choice of custom furniture, in order to protect their own interests against infringement.

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