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European furniture features and maintenance guide
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European furniture carving complex, "Baroque furniture" are complex and exquisite carving patterns; "Rococo style furniture" although also focus on carving, but the line is more subdued; and the "new classical furniture" lines is more lively, mainly showing skin texture with applique. The bright color and preference, especially the "Baroque furniture" colors are very strong, which went gold as the main color, with gold or gold to decorate, look beautiful decoration; "Rococo style furniture" color is soft, beige, white pattern is the main color of the "new classical furniture;" the color tends to warm, such as wood color etc.. At the same time, also pay attention to decoration, whether it is "classical" or "neo classical furniture", often can see all kinds of embroidered fabrics, Tassels and rivets and other decorations.
European style furniture is an important element of the European style decoration, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Spain style furniture as the main representative, pay attention to manual fine cutting carving. Among them, the British furniture known as hand carved, due to historical changes have been lost, Italy is the earliest in the world of furniture, with inlay known, mostly operating manual workshop in the form of contour and turning part by symmetry and rhythmic curve or surface composition, and the gilded copper ornaments, imitation leather, structure concise, smooth lines, rich color, strong sense of art, the overall impression is luxurious and elegant, very solemn. European style decoration has become more and more people choose to taste the taste of life, even if the overall decoration can not be European style, some families also like to buy two exotic furniture placed at home. But many people do not understand the European style furniture, once the purchase of inappropriate or with a deviation will form an awkward style. To learn more about the European style furniture, European furniture features as well as European furniture collocation method, in order to create a perfect European style.
European furniture maintenance needs to be noted to avoid direct sunlight, although the winter sun is no longer violent, but a long time on the sun and dry climate, the wood is too dry, prone to cracks and local discoloration. At the same time to prevent the dust is also very important, usually with mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and other production of high-grade wood furniture has a beautifully carved decoration, if not regularly cleaned ash, tiny cracks easily fouling affect the appearance, and the dust is to let the wooden furniture quickly getting old. Of course, to maintain the best wooden furniture furniture moisture, moisture can not simply wipe with wet cloth, but it should be the choice of furniture care professional essential oils, can lock the moisture in the wood, wood to prevent cracking deformation, also nourish wood, from inside to outside the wooden furniture replay, extend the service life of furniture. Also need to avoid hard objects scratch, cleaning tools do not clean the furniture. I also want to pay attention to, don't let the hard metal or other sharp collision furniture, to protect its surface does not appear mishap marks and hanging wire phenomenon. To avoid moisture is also very critical, it should not be placed in a very humid place, so as not to encounter the expansion of the wet wood, a long time is easy to rot, the drawer is not open.
Finally, regular maintenance, under normal circumstances, only once a quarter of wax can be, so that the furniture looks shiny and the surface will not dust, clean up easier. European style furniture is gorgeous and refined, many people who pursue the high quality of life choose European style furniture. European style furniture in order to match the right to more perfectly reflect the characteristics of European style furniture. European furniture maintenance can not be careless, delicate furniture needs more detailed maintenance.
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